MCRD San Diego, CA Housing and Relocation Information

    Housing Information
    Basic Allowance For Housing (BAH) is provided by the military to help active service members with housing costs, and can be used for either on- or off-post housing.

    • The Welcome Center (619) 556-7667/7323/8443 will be your first point of contact when you receive moving orders, and provides services that will help you with referrals, relocation assistance, guidance for entering a lease agreement and tenant-landlord disputes.

    MCRD San Diego On Base Housing

    • On-base housing for MCRD San Diego is privatized. Contact Lincoln Military Housing (858) 300-7493 to check available housing for your rank and family size. They have 48 communities serving several Naval and Marine bases in San Diego with a variety of house styles and sizes. Home amenities may include: balcony or patio, garages and central AC. The community features playgrounds, parks, sports courts and more.

    MCRD San Diego, CA Off Base Housing

    Search our database for available rentals and homes for sale in the area.

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    Surrounding Areas
    MCRD San Diego is in San Diego, California, sharing a border with the San Diego International Airport. San Diego is a major city, with about 1,300,000 city and about 3,100,000 metro. While the MCRD is near downtown San Diego, about 8 minutes away, the average commute time in the city is about 30 minutes. San Diego is large, with congested traffic, and travel times can vary significantly. San Diego is the second largest city in California and one of the ten largest in the USA. The area has a strong local economy, generally pleasant climate, many local parks, a natural deepwater harbor, many beaches, a busy downtown with global ties, and many world-class museums and cultural locations. The area has a moderate, dry climate, with mild to warm winters and warm to hot summers. Other nearby communities include National City, Chula Vista, and La Mesa; there are also a large number of local neighborhoods.

    About the Installation
    Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego is a main training facility for over 20,000 annual recruits. The depot is home to the Western Recruiting Region's Drill Instructors School and the Marine Corps' Recruiter School. The training program consists of a thirteen-week process which includes weapons training, close order drill, Marine Corps history, and the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program. Service members must pass a physical fitness test and meet swimming and rifle marksmanship requirements. The Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego is also home to the MCRD San Diego Command Museum.