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    MCRD San Diego, CA - In Processing

    Marines arriving for in-processing at Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego must check in at the Consolidated Personnel Administration Center in Building 622 in Room 129. If you arrive after normal working hours or on the weekend, report to the Staff Duty Office which is located in Building 31. To contact the Staff Duty Office, call 619-524-8700 or DSN 524-8700. If you require assistance prior to checking in for in-processing, call the CPAC during regular working hours of 0730-1630 by calling 619-524-6098.

    Bring copies of your orders as well as any medical and dental records to being in-processing. The process may take several days, so be sure and bring enough uniforms to get through the entire in-processing procedure. For more information regarding specific in-processing questions, call the numbers listed above.